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Blogging Tips:

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This is week #5 and I am throwing in a curve ball and skipping down to

"How to increase followers"

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Now, I have been getting some questions regarding how to get more followers and see it all over the blogging community forums. Now, I only know what I DO, there are many ways of increasing followers I am sure, this is just what I have tried to do and it has been somewhat successful in "my terms" ( I started in December and have 540 as I write this, to me, that is successful and I have nothing at all to base that on, ha ha)

So here is my list of tips in regards to gaining more followers.

1) Define what you will call SUCCESS
The first step in getting to your goals is knowing what your goals are! What do you want for your blog? What will you use to measure success? Followers on GFC, Twitter, Facebook, etc? Is it 50, 500, 5000? What do you want your blog to do for you? For other people? Is it all personal, is it a review or coupon blog, is it crafty? Although I do not believe you have to pick ONE niche and that your WHOLE blog has to be only one thing, I do know when people stop over they will label it for you if it's not clear.  
"If you aim at NOTHING, you will hit it every time!"

2) Blog Design Matters
I am no pro designer, but I do know what I LOVE to look at it and try to replicate that in someway. (I am currently in the process of redesign as well and am having a hard time for this VERY reason). The more visually pleasing the more people will want to return. Keep it as simple and clean as possible and as EASY to NAVIGATE as possible. If people can't find your follow button they might give up before they can track it down!

You have heard it so many times before but it does matter, A LOT! Get yourself a STICKY BLOG that has a lot of good and interesting things that people want to continue to click through. Now, if your blog is strictly personal, then we have to go back to what you will define as success. Unless you are involved in a political scandal or walk on the moon, no one but your personal family and friends are going to click through your 500 million photos of your baby...(and BELIEVE ME, I have that MANY).  What people will click through are funny anecdotes, personal stories, real helpful content, etc. What are the posts you click on the MOST? Whatever you find interesting and helpful, replicate in your OWN way. No copy cats, that is a no-no!

4) Have POSTS that are JUST FOR OTHERS
Let's face it, we are all self serving. I get soooo annoyed when people don't read anything I write and skip straight to the comments to demand I follow them or disregard any instruction in the post and get to what they came for...but I will admit, I have done this myself. 
The more you cater to this the more people will come to your blog. Give them a chance to promote themselves, do guest posts, linkys, features, etc.
And speaking of commenting that leads me to the next one...

Comment WELL! What I mean by that is this, people are behind these blogs. We are not computers hacking out meaningless drivel. We all take TIME and put EFFORT into what we are producing for our readers. Take the time to comment on at least ONE thing in their post that relates to them. This makes a connection to the person, and although our self serving tendency is to leave "cute, stop by my blog"...the thinking self server will know that leaving a more personal comment will actually either result in a follow or more comments...a much GREATER LONG TERM result.

Comment on those who comment on your blog, comment on link party links you are participating in, comment on blogs you google, comment on the people you follow. Just get your booty busy commenting. Put it out there as a true pat on the back for their work. We ALL appreciate that, and you will get that in return!

If you craft, get that craft up every where you can, do lists, recipes, whatever, just link link link! This gets you more exposure wherever you go. {A tip for linking up: think of creative never before seen items & take amazing, enticing pictures} You are basically marketing yourself so be as creative and visual as you can at all times. If you get featured this is automatic exposure to your blog and what you have to offer. 

Find where you can be featured for a guest blog, and offer them something very worth while. Offer your best ideas to a bigger blog than your own, this is going to be a great way to share your niche and get people to click over to your blog and check out your great content.

Find your favorite blog and pay for a spot on their blog or for a feature! This is another way to get people to your blog because those readers at that blog already trust that blogger and they will assume your blog is worth checking into! Don't have the funds for that? Find a blog similar to yours in content and size and ask them to trade ad spots with you! Free for you both and you get exposed to another group of new readers.

If you love your blog and what you are producing, others will too. People want to join the fun party, not the drag, so love what you are doing and be proud. Spread your great ideas and projects around in any way you can Facebook, Twitter, Blogging communities, wherever! Ignore haters and follow your instincts, don't compare yourself to anyone else, just do your dang thing and love being you!!

I hope you guys find this helpful,
let me know what you have done to increase your following, questions, or tips!