Blog Consultation

All consultations include a document detailing all included aspects for your review as well as examples, images or links, as well as step by step ideas on how to better your consulted piece.

Full Blog Consultation: review of the entirety of your blog including design, layout, side bar placement, content, post layout, post content, button accessibility for best traffic flow, etc. You will receive a full review and all consultations rolled into one: social media, sticky blog content, general design, marketing design, and general growth.

Social Media Consultation: there are many social media resources you may use to promote you blog, are you using them all and to the best of their capabilities? Review of your current and possible options, a write up of how to best use them, and instruction in posting, hash tagging etc. {includes specifically Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram}

"Sticky Blog" Consultation: What makes someone stay on your blog jumping from one page to another? Do you have "sticky" content to grab and keep your readers on your site? Sticky blog consultation will review your blog for your best content, ideas for how to improve that content and how to keep people reading on or what to hi-light.

General Design Consultation: want to do your own design and enjoy the artistic aspect vut just need a few tips for layout and ease of reading and color schemes? Have a quick design consult to get you jumping in the right direction with samples and ideas for you to muse from.

Intricate Design Consultation: this consult includes coding for general button additions, basic HTML spotting and manipulation. How to add social media icons, personalized tabs, change fonts, remove portions of layout, etc. 
$40 {this can be very intricate and time consuming so if you know what parts of your design in specific you want to know how to change please mention in first email.} Additional charges may be added in certain cases of extended design learning needs.

Marketing Design Consultation: ever wonder why Pinterest is growing vy leaps and vounds? This is because it is a visually based site. In a culture driven by what we see, having great design in your posts, photos, and other media is essential to your blog growth and stay-ability.

General Growth Consultation: Not sure how to get things moving with numbers on your newly established or slightly stalled blog? This consultation is a quick and simple review of your site and keys to getting new readers to your blog.

{If you have specific needs for consulting that you do not see in these packages mix and match is available}

All payments made through paypal.